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Importance of Networking in Job Search

Posted in Networking, Networking For Job by jobdiagnosis on January 31, 2012

During your job search strategy networking can be a wave to push you forward and provides you a lot of assistance in finding a job. Networking is an essential part of job search one can not neglect it. It effects significantly if you can use it in a proper way. Making additional connections is beneficial according to Additional contacts help to save more time which is valuable you.

If you make 20 or ten additional contacts this will make 20 and 20 contacts each. In job search method contacts mean to add those people particularly who are professional and belong to the same job field you are searching for, so that they can offer you job chances and related information.

Creating contacts has no boundaries and particular areas bounded such as business associates and possible companies. Apart from creating potential contacts one can also add even his or her family members, friends and others whom you know can use as a part of your job hunting process. It might be that any one of your members and friends know some one who can help you in such matter. You former teachers, professors, coaches and even your pastor might be great recourses.

Suppose you have stopped making friends and creating potential contacts but those whom you have already added in your friend list will work for you. Your contacts will keep your name in mind and your needs and as they finds such vacant position may inform you. Mover if for some reason you have left your job, then you can contact to all your contacts immediately and can ask help. This is the time when networking shows its real effect. That is why building networking is essential for every one whether it may be for job hunting and for any other reason.

Networking will no be effective and useful till then you will not bring social networking sites in use, as facebook, twitter, linkedin and myspace. These social networking sites can benefit you faster than an individual. Online networking saves you time and gives you convenience a lot. On line networking allows you to reach every corner of the word through using the internet. You are not limited to a particular area in online networking.

You have to be consistent with your efforts for networking. The, accordingly you should contact only once to every contacts in one to two weeks. If you pinch them again and again they might switch you off from their friend list due to irritation and etc.

About Audiologists

Posted in About Audiologist by jobdiagnosis on January 30, 2012

Audiologists try to identify the exact problems of the patients of not hearing loss and different other problems as well with balance and health. They also manage the screening exams for specifically for the young children to the nature of the hearing loss soon. They also work with the physicians providing expertise choose hearing aids, and help to those who are going through the hearing loss to improve the coping skills. Audiologists also identify the ear-related medical problems.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics report says that 50 percent of the audiologists are hired in hospitals, physician’s offices and in outpatient clinics. While 13 percent audiologists perform their duties in school settings. Apart from that the remainders are given the job in commercial positions. The remainders also assist in providing hearing aids and other adaptive in research and local governments.

To perform an ideologist work an individual is required to possess a master’s degree minimal. Besides that candidates can also complete a professional doctorate (Au.D) which also employers prefer most and can be a requirement to become an Audiologist. To get enrolled into a graduate school one must required to take programs in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. Apart from that course combines English, psychology and communications. The set of studies in graduate institutions and schools includes physics, anatomy, psychology, genetics and ethics. Specialization courses are also available such as in pharmacology, in hearing, balance and so on. To become a fit candidate for audiologist eight years of schooling and experience is must.

To step into the field work all the audiologists are required to be licensed in all the 50 states. Where in the year 2007 only eight states were asked for an Au.D. Other states have different requirements and needs. An affiliated program is a must for every candidate. These accredited courses are approved by the Accreditation Commission of Auditory Education or by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology. Those who get professional licenses are honored by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the American Board of Audiology.

According to the (BLS) Bureau of Labor Statistics report audiologists have average job opportunities in this field but those are preferred a lot who have gained an Au.D in 2007. The average salary of a audiologist was $57, 120. Ten percent audiologist of the bottom level generate under $38, 370 while the other 10 percent of the highest level were earned more than $89, 150. The highest income areas were clinical and hospital.

Job Profile of a Clinical Lab Tech

Posted in Clinical Lab Technician, Clinical Technician by jobdiagnosis on January 27, 2012

Clinical Lab Technician
Particularly clinical lab technicians work under the supervision of expert and licensed clinical technologist, typically in a hospital-based laboratory. They provide variety of assistance to the patients as well regarding the use of drugs and sharp treatment.

Clinical responsibilities and duties include a variety of tasks such as controlling automated analyzing tools and managing specimens for study. Their work also talks about examining the blood samples for bacteria and drugs. Usually physicians give the blood samples to the clinical technicians to know the exact effect of the medications and drugs on the patients. There are many fields in the similar way to do specialization and can handle the tasks of phlebotomy.

If there are technicians with additional training and experience can also perform as a histotechnicians. Histotechnicians prepare human tissues for pathologists study. To become clinical technicians it is necessary to be multitasking and capable too to fulfill the responsibilities.

Education and Training
There are some employers who offer on-the-job training to the clinical technicians. This training prepares a tech to be hired by the employers first and they are preferred a lot. On the other side employers provide formal education authorized by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science. Generally a two-year course is offered at junior colleges. Some health schools and technical schools which are related by common characteristics also cater clinical laboratory technician training program.

Job Outlook
Most of the clinical technicians complete advance certifications to get the positions of a lab technologists. These techs join classes and obtain the part time education while performing their duties in laboratories. Many among others have advanced job training. The aging population clearly indicating the chances of job more than the average as it will be required in the coming future to offer the medical care services to the people. Other working places includes hospital, laboratories etc. The job positions are also considered to grow in private physician’s offices and diagnostic laboratories.

Salary had a survey in 2009 according to that survey the salary for a first year clinical lab technician starts from $13. 78 hourly. Those technicians have gained a one-year experience can generate an amount of $15.11 per hour. While the five years on-the-job training experience holders can easily earn $16.82 an hour. And technicians with at least 10 years of experiences can expect to earn an amount of $18.34 an hour.

Specialist Job Profile for Medical Assistant

Posted in Healthcare, Medical Assistant by jobdiagnosis on January 26, 2012

Medical assistants effectively provide assistance to those departments which offers health care facility to the people. Assistants are given tasks by the health-care administrators, administrators in the sense the head nurse and head of the physician. Apart from that they can also give advice to the patients about their medication and educating them as well. They are also responsible for making ready the room for patients’ examination, and ensure that the physician has all the supplies available. Some times medical assistance handles the task such as ordering the medical supplies.

They are required to possess a high school diploma to practice their ability in the area of medical assistant. Most importantly health-care facilities give preference to those who have accomplished a medical assistant course from local colleges and vocational institutes. Such vocational courses are very beneficiary for the medical assistant students which maximizes the chance of getting hired. Medical assistant courses which are offered at many schools includes subjects such as medical terminology, physiology, transcription and many other topics related to the medical practices. At many medical schools students are catered hand-on training under the guidance of expert medical professional.

Becoming a medical assistant it is must to be capable of handling to organize and file all the reports and patients’ reports. They need to be experienced. He or she should be able to perform the duty of an office manager without any guidance. They are particularly required to have good communication skills, because they have to talk to the patients and different health-care professionals. They should be well prepared in advance to meet with any task successfully at any time such as preparing laboratory tests, greeting patients, typing letters and so on.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the job chances are expected to grow in the up coming future than other areas. Job opportunities might be increase 34 percent from 2010 and 2018. Candidates who have obtained an assistant degree, communication ability, and excellent computer skills can get the best opportunity than others in the same area.

The BLS report says that the average salary of a medical assistant was $28, 300 in the year 2008. Practitioners who are employee in a hospital earn $29, 720. While the top ten percent medical assistants generate an amount of $39, 507 every year. Apart from that many employers also offer benefits and bonuses as well.

Self Employed Jobs from Home

Posted in Self Employed Jobs, Work from Home by jobdiagnosis on January 25, 2012

Medical Transcription
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics it is projected that practitioners in the field of medical transcription work from home communicating with the workplace by phone, internet and fax. In other sense the kind of work is increasingly becoming digital, means to say that medical transcriptionist can receive the task by internet or fax and can send the task report back to their clients using the same services. The working time is depends on the transcriptionist as it is noticed by the BLS. They can do their work any point of time they have flexibility, may work hourly or on weekends. To fine tune your skills and talents you should obtain a certificate program but not a requirement. This certification will help you polishing and improving your works.

Graphic Designer
There are several types of work available for graphic designers in the market. A graphic designer creates innovative logos, banners, magazine layouts, book covers, personal identity cards, marketing materials and so many among others. It is very easy to work from home that can be done via networking. BLS, accordingly the American Institute of Graphic Art survey absorbed that the freelancers in graphic designing were earned $57, 000 per annum in 2008. Apart from that it is also very important to be more skilled and aware of the needs and requirements of the market. They should also maintain the good relationship of belief with the clients and completing tasks in the time.

Child Care Job
33 percent of child care jobs are performed from home and taking care of the families and child care centers from home. Generally child care workers take cares of a small group of children. It is their key responsibility to caring the children and might long their schedule. In few states is a requirement for child care centers to be licensed. The average wage on hourly basis of child care workers was $9.12. It is not necessary the wage can be more depending on self-employment jobs; it also depends on the number of children and geographical area.

Freelance Writing
Around 75 percent of writers were self employed in the year 2008, reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Freelance writers write original contents on several topics such as books, magazines, film and advertising and sell them. Freelancers can easily complete the work at home and hand over to their parties. For their work they can conduct online and teleconference. They also enjoy flexibility while working depending on their mood but at the same time the successfully meet the dead line as well. Their income varies; they can take more projects and can make more income.

How to Deal with Job Stress at Work Place

Posted in How to Tacle Work Stress, Reduce Work Stress by jobdiagnosis on January 24, 2012

Working continuously can put more stress on your mind, so avoid working in a tune, take breaks in between the work too. Taking breaks between the working schedules reduces the stress. Determine the object which is generating stress. Did you consider whether the work burden is an element of stress? Are you thinking that you are not performing well? Feeling uncomfortable regarding your safety at the work place? Ask questions yourself to bring forth the disturbing element.  If you do so you can reduce work stress.

Communicate with the human resources department and consult to your Boss as well. If you think work burden your Boss can help you providing physical assistance and can less your work load. When it comes to human resource department, the department can offer you deciding for any other position of less stressful.

Next, go to therapist. You can search local therapist in your native area. Express the nature of stress you are feeling to be the cause of work stress at your office. Use the prescribed advices by the therapist to decrease it. Meeting with a therapist can increase your chances of improvement in this regard.

Take rest at the right time. Do some exercise that keeps you well and keep you off from the stress as well. Take right food and sleep enough. Exercises reduce negativity from your mind and prepare your mind strongly for your work. Because job stress can also be harmful for your health. Make a plan depending on the work and activities you do. When you have more tasks to accomplish then it is essential to set the time for each.

Transfer some tasks to a person of the same position. Suppose you are talented enough in your field of work but it might happen some time with an expert as well that you are not able to doo all the works alone. You can share tasks to some one who is adequate to handle. Do not feel ashamed to ask for help to your co friend at the work place.

Remember not to bring any task at home because work looks good at working area not at home do not mix it with your personal life. Because such process of working itself is a tension. Come at home leaving all the task’s tension at office; spend some good time with the family and with your children, because it really works moving your mind form pressure.

If you are bore working the current job you can change it while working in the current position. Do not waste the time doing the work you are not happy with, even when you are free from work load. If the current post is increasing your stress change it right now. Listen to music, set time for relax and physical activities as well.

How to Reduce Interview Anxiety

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1. Before you face your job interview it will be better if you visit the place of company site that will help you a lot reducing your fear or anxiety. If you visit a day before this will give you confidence going to the site and do not have to face inconvenience on that day. You will also be more frequent with the company as well because you have already reached the area and know very well where the things are. Remember the location of the fresh room if you want to fresh yourself. If you have reached at the interview get yourself freshen first which gives you relaxation and helps you to concentrate for the interview.

2. Conduct an in-depth research about the company and accumulate all the key information relating to the employer. Get together all you previous work experiences. Be prepared enough for the type of job interview you applied for, the more preparation the less anxiety. Before you called for the face to face interview in the company, you should practice a mock interview with your close friend or with any family member at your home. Search the most common questions and practice them again and again. This pre practice makes you understand the environment of the interview.

3. Do not levels down your expectation, keep it at a high level. If you are satisfied enough with the job interview you have gone through this will remove the negativity from your mind. Never thing negative always be optimistic because negative thought might embarrass you and can overcome your mind. Going to the interview with negative view and attitude can harm you your interview too. Be positive and confident and review all that what you are capable of presenting to the recruiters. Think you can never think you can’t, a positive sense generates a solid self confidence.

4. when you get freshen yourself you can feel the calmness, coolness at that particular time you will really feel free from tension and anxiety and so on in the same manner. If you have time go to the gym, do some exercise which decreases the anxiety, take a shower, and get ready for interview. Use a perfect attire that suits the job interview, you should be look like a professional too.

5. Avoid using heavy clothes, jewelry, solid colors, unmatched dresses tie, heavy heal shoes and son, because these minor things can detract the attention of the employers from on you. Be sure that shoes are polished and ironed cloths. Cut your nails. At the moment if you determine these can stress your mind so, do it all the night before.

How to Become a Medical Lawyer

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It is required to possess education in both the areas, as in medical and legal majors. To practice law as a medical lawyer a bachelor’s degree is needed and with it a law degree is expected as well. This area talks about continuous hard work and wise consideration. Those students who are completing their graduation might go for the study of medical subjects such as healthcare administration and biotechnology.

While the other candidates are decide to choose to put stress on pre-law education. Law-school-student select general law programs before the students get involved into the specific area of medical studies where they instructed on how to absorb and practice medical law. Applicants can complete their study in seven years if the choose full time schooling.

Before the students get enrolled into any law school, there are law schools which require the students to have an undergraduate degree and they should be qualified in Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Law School Admission Test is conducted by the Law School Admission Council. LSAT test includes reading comprehension and logical reasoning. If candidates want to get admitted in quality law schools then they must have to acquire highest marks in the examination. On the basis of marks the obtained in LSAT can get admission in the desired law schools and low score can make the law schools limited.

After the degree completed, it is must for a prospective lawyer to sit in the state bar examination and qualify it. There are separate bar associations of every states which manages the bar exams, without qualifying the state bar exam a medical lawyer is not allowed to service as a lawyer for the people.

Job Search
It is projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that medical lawyers can generate the highest numbered figure doing their job in private practices. Job search method is the last step to become a medical lawyer. In government sectors they work in Department of Health and Human Services. Such departments hire medical lawyers for the enforcements of the federal medical legislation in the court. Apart from that they also duty for business as healthcare providers, doctors, cooperatives pharmaceutical manufacturers and fight against the illegal practices and provide legal advice.  There are careers available in this field.

With years of experiences medical lawyers can do specialization in a specific area of medical law. For an instance a medical lawyers who specialized in malpractice strongly concern about the malpractice cases. They can also claim for the compensation from doctors and healthcare industries because of their irresponsibility performance with the patient. They can also fine tune their education through American Health Lawyers Association. This organization provides opportunity to practice and to find different areas of specialty.

MBA Careers in Marketing

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MBA degree holders are of higher responsibility takers in the advertisement department. Masters in business administration performs a vital role as strength of pillar in promoting and developing the new and inventive tactics to produce broadcasting visual images, digital advertisements, print and so forth. They create sustainable plans for new products, oversee the new lunches of products and attack to the competitors in the same field. In few companies advertising departments are named as “client services” and some of the employers call it “account management”.

It dose not matters what the companies call the segment but they feel it as of high designation and responsibility as a stake holder get involved as member of the agency’s brain trust. Recently business school graduates also getting into the business administration world as Account Executives and go down to the post of Account Supervisor, Account Director, Vice President and Senior Vice President.

Sports Marketing
MBA careers also include sports marketing industries whic are continuous to grow rapidly for the last two decades. On the other side the MBA graduates are doing a lot for the future growth for the sports marketing. The area of sports marketing includes some of the potential career paths such as television, player representation, event sponsorship and so on. Those who invest money in games like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, NASCAR, Olympic and others are prospectors for resume submission. You should create notes of sponsors to contact them for job opportunities. Show your abilities and concepts of getting more and more investing in games if they hire you.

Marketing Director
Marketing directors play a vital role overseeing the brand and advertising mangers. Marketing directors have knowledge in different areas as marketing function, product department, pricing, promotions, physical distribution of products and so on. They develop effective marketing plans and strategies helping the companies in obtaining more market share. Apart from that they also assist the company in increasing the departmental budget. Professionals who perform the captioned tasks typically report to the vice president of marketing.

Marketing Research Manager
Those organizations who hire marketing research managers require higher degrees such as an MBA degree holder, a report by the “Research Manager” profile Their working areas involve agencies, manufacturers or wholesalers. Such practitioners manage research projects and marketing analyzing data, studying competitive information, writing reports, delivering research findings to the upper department. The annual salary of a marketing research manager made $63, 403 to $100, 072 in May 2010 projected by payscale .com.

About Financial Planner Careers

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Planner’s Work
The individual’s life in America is overall dependent on the financial planners, a wide range of financial tasks being accomplished by planners. Financial planning includes home purchases, stock investment, retirement needs, college tuition, wedding, future life style and many more among others. An expert financial counselor understands the nature of work very well and takes the overall responsibilities utilizing a combining education, skills, foresight and belief to making arrangements for the investment in the absence of their clients. The professionals are the best planners in such areas including the diversity as well, as investment tactics, tax ramifications, market volatility and estate planning. Practitioners are very talented and smart in dealing with the domestic and international markets ranging from precious metals to commodities and bonds. A part from that risk evaluation is the most important part of a financial planner’s job.

Quality of Financial Planners
The quality of a practitioner in the sense is to function as a strong pillar of strength and to support to life of the individuals while the conditions are not so well. When the world markets are down and fluctuating, in this circumstances a planner must be able of gaining the trust and enjoying communicating with the clients. It is very essential to know that how to listen it is different to learn in school but it is required to gain for long term success in this area. Those who come with an intention of establishing an organization is a great thought, it does not matters to select to go for a private set up or to work for a investment firm. Be comfortable while dealing with the world’s biggest markets as you feel convenient dealing with a person’s assets.

Aim for These Professional Competencies
When it comes to obtain a formal degree includes business, finance, a college degree in economics and other financial disciplines. Trained practitioners or financial planner also requires to posses knowledge of tax law, government restrictions, licensing and many more. After the accomplishment of the lengthy study examiners believe to be answered correctly by the test takers. This test covers at least 175 topics relating to financial planning and investment. Those who hold the position of a CPF are valued a lot.


A financial planner can make more of income on commission and hourly. The median salary of financial planners is $55, 000 annually. The figure of the compensation also depends on the annual revenue of the clients. If the annual revenue of a client increases they can be paid more than the mentioned amount. Such process to pay the amount implemented by an agreement between the clients and the financial planner. To know more about the niche market you can consult with can practical planner.

Future Trends in the Field
According to the world report and US News financial planners’ career is one of the emerging professional areas in the up coming future. In the current period the biggest firm providing employment to the financial planners is IDS Financial services. IDS is a division of American Express. 250, 000 employees as financial planners can be hired by the IDS at any point of time. With the increasing industries seeking the need of planners due to this employer are now intending planners to get affiliated one of three large national associations which is constructed to support the planners.  There are lots of career opportunities in this area.